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Ghana news

Ghana was ranked 70th out of 189 countries in the 2015 World Bank Doing Business survey. Only three countries in Africa were ranked higher: Mauritius (28th), South Africa (43rd), and Rwanda (46th). The West Hills Mall (27,300 square meters) on the Accra – Cape Coast highway opened its doors for business on 30 October 2014 and boasts two anchor tenants, Shoprite and Palace, as well as 63 line shops. The success of developments such as the West Hills Mall, Accra Mall (22,900 square meters), A&C Square Mall (10,000 square meters) and the Oxford Street Mall (6,230 square meters) has stimulated further
investments in this business. Notable additions in recent times include the Achimota Mall ( 13,000 square meters) and the Kumasi City Mall (27,500 square meters).
A middle class is fast emerging, with its attendant wealthy consumers who are increasingly embracing western brands, products and lifestyles. Therein lays business opportunities for exporters of retail foods, namely cereals, meat (including poultry) and meat products, soybean meal, prepared food, skim milk powder and other high value products.