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20-22 September


Food & Hotel Kenya 2019


FOOD & HOTEL KENYA 2018 is the prime event in Kenya attracting visitors from 17 African countries. It is held in conjuction with Kenya Trade Show 2018. Exhibitors from 12 countries will be exhibiting displaying a wide range of products from the below sectors:

Food & Beverages – Foodservice Equipment – Food Technology – Hospitality Services – Retail & Franchise – Wine & Spirits

The exhibition will be held at Sarit Expo Center, the perfect venue for hosting International trade exhibitions in Nairobi. It is situated in the heart of the capital city. It’s exhibitions attract trade visitors from all the sectors of Kenya and the neighbouring countries such as Uganda, Somalia, Tanzania and Ethiopia. It offers high standard facilities, equipment & services. The exhibition centre also offers parking for over 3000 cars, round the clock security, press & media rooms, information centre, Toilets & lavatories,

warehouse and restaurants.

Visitors Profile:
Importers, Distributors, Wholesalers & Retailers, Confectioners, Chefs, Food & Beverage Managers, Hotel Owners & Managers, Government & Trade Associations, etc.

Exhibitor profile:

Food & Bevereages, Foodservice, Food Technology, Hospitality, Retail & Franchise

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17-19 April 2020 Food products, catering, hotel industry


Profile of visitors: Importers, wholesalers, distributors, agents, retailers, beauty salons, spa owners, manufacturers, beauty academy, senior government officials, etc.

Exhibitor profile: Personal Care, Skin Car, Color Cosmetics & Makeup accessorie, Fragrance, OEM & Raw materials, Ingredients, Machinery & Packaging equipment, Hair cosmetic products Tools of the trade, Cosmetics for hairdressers, Wigs and hairpieces, Decorative & Promotional, Wellness products for hairdressersHair Care, EquipmentsTraining institutes for hair, Spa Products, Spa Equipment & Accessory Suppliers, Pool Spa Suppliers, OEM’s, Aesthetic, Fitness & Wellness Services, Spa Education Centers / Spa Schools, Spa & Well-Being Book Sellers, Architects & Interior Designers , Certified Natural & Organic Spa Product Suppliers, Indoors & Outdoors fitness equipment, Commercial & Home fitness equipment, Sportswear, Footwear & ACC, GYM facilities, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Biological Engineering, Biopharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Water Treatment Equipment, Cleaning Technology & Eq, Process Technology & Control System, Packaging Machiner


26-27 June


International Clean & Hygiene Companies

Kenya Clean Expo 2020

Clean Africa Expo provides a platform for the cleaning and hygiene industries in the East & Central Africa region to create smart, sustainable, clean and hygienic cities. Its main aim is to help cleaning professionals create and explore sustainable & environment friendly solutions.

The upcoming edition creates an environment for showcasing the latest innovations in the industry, cleaning chemicals & detergents, and hygiene trends for different industries including but not limited to catering & hospitality, household industry, healthcare, food handling sector, manufacturing, and many more.

Exhibitor profile: Oven cleaners, Dishwashing equipment & chemicals, Air quality products, Disposable gloves, Sanitary cleaning products, Kitchen chemicals, Motorised scrubbing and suction machines, Pressure Washers, Vacuum cleaners, Polishing machines, Robot Cleaners, Carpet and upholstery cleaning, Detergents, Disinfectants and Sanitizers, Insect and Pest control chemicals, Solvents and Strippers, Household Appliances,, Mops & Mop Buckets, Scouring pads, Kitchen Cleaning Equipment, Bathroom sanitizers & scrubbers, Windows and metal cleaners, Sanitary cleaning products/materials, Janitorial equipment, Sanitary towel disposal, Toilet paper and tissue dispensers, Towels disinfectants,Mops and Trolleys, Safe Waste Disposal, Solar powered smart Bins and waste containers, Waste removal systems, Waste water recycling systems


Visitors Profile:
Cleaning Service providers – Building Facilities management and Cleaning companies
  Industry Professionals – Hotel Managers, Facilities manager, hygiene manager, housekeeping manager, hospital consultants
  Investors –Distributors, Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of cleaning and hygiene products
  Import & export trade agents
  Government Bodies – Quality & Assurance Officials, Health Inspectors



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